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WEEE Compliant

Welcome to TownsTech….The FREE I.T. Recycling Company.

At TownsTech, we can safely collect and recycle all your unwanted I.T. Equipment. It is a sad fact that here in the U.K. 70% of electrical waste ends up in landfill sites causing a huge impact on our environment. Our aim along with the WEEE directive is to reduce this figure as much as possible.

Why Choose Us?

• Your Data In Safe Hands - We use government standard software to erase all hard disks making your data un-recoverable.

• Recycle & Re-Use - There are a lot of companies offering so called I.T. Recycling, which in many cases means recycling the items into metals. Our concerns with this method is the amount of plastic waste left behind from this process. We believe recycling should mean just that, our aim is to put as many items back into service by refurbishing and repairing them.

• No E-Waste -  We do not E-Waste any items to developing countries. Some companies simply put all the I.T. They collect, tested or not, straight onto containers ready for export.

• Fully Registered - We are fully registered with the Environment Agency as a computer recycling company. It is against the law to collect electrical waste without a licence.

• Paperwork - We supply you with all the right documents needed. An Invoice, Environment Agency waste transfer note, Security data removal certificate.

• Reputable - We have a large number of companies, schools and colleges who not only use our service but come back year after year.

• Helping Good Causes -  There are a lot of charitable organisations who simply cannot afford to purchase new I.T. Equipment, we donate to U.K. Based organisations. We also sell some items for charity.


U.K. Charities

TownsTech Licences
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